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Is the cat tree really useful?

Birdbane has absolutely no need for a cat tree since it sails all day. So it can not get bored, but some do not have that chance. They can quickly turn into a tiger and devastate the whole house. Moreover, this behavior is often the reason why people refuse to have a cat: they are afraid for their furniture. And the solution of claw protectors is far from the best, because it does not solve the basic problem. With a tree, rather than protecting the claws, we give them a place where lacerate without constraint!

Duck shaped cat Tree

In any case, avoid the cat duck!

The felines are anxious, just like the humans

I never found a real interest in these cat trees, but it’s probably because of the daily life of Birdbane. He spends his days outside, playing Tarzan to hunt birds. This does not appeal to Mademoiselle Pompom, but does she have a tree? And your cat, does he have such an animal accessory at his disposal? By going to friends, it is not uncommon to find these funny decorative objects that throne in the living room, so we had to take a closer look at this product, because ultimately it would really have a usefulness.

Large sisal cat tree and Blue Velvet

Cat trees are wonderful territories to explore, but they lack (sometimes) discretion

As Birdbane can go about his occupations as he wishes, he is never locked up. Therefore, no form of stress or anxiety as it can express its negative emotions and evacuate them outside. Moreover, it has real trees at its disposal, which allows it to fill the phases of boredom.

Indoor felines spend their nerve on furniture

Some cats have a life similar to that of Birdbane, but others are stuck behind the window or glazed bay and look with a baffled air that outside that remains forbidden. Indeed, not all felines have the opportunity to discover this playground, for several reasons. The owners have an apartment, they live in a big city, but some neighborhoods are even dangerous in the big towns because of the poison that some people deposit to fight rodents, or maliciously. So they are domestic cats and inside, they cannot express themselves as they would like. As soon as the master passes the door, they take revenge on the furniture.

Set of cardboard boxes and walkways

In a kit to mount oneself, this “tree” with cardboard cat can be deployed in height or in length … and be scratched at leisure!

The leather sofa now has new decorations, the curtains will be much better in pieces and the slippers will eventually be more sympathetic with scratches.

A tree to drive boredom

Instead of getting angry at his cat, which, in any case, serves only to stress it even more, it is much more sensible to understand the evil-being at the origin of this situation: that of boredom. They are frustrated, alone and cannot play as they would like. This is when the pretty cat tree comes in, it exactly what it takes to invite the feline to play phases. He would tend to tease all their passions, they can hide, climb, scratch a pole without being “scolded” or even play with suspended characters. to the tree

The game is paramount for a cat

There are XXXL models that offer very valuable playgrounds. Therefore, if Birdbane does not have the utility of such an object since it is often outside, an indoor cat will need to be stimulated. It will be good for his well-being and the masters who will no longer have any unpleasant surprises as soon as they penetrate into the housing transformed into a combat zone where the Jedi confront Darth Vader. It should not be forgotten that it is for Mademoiselle Pom or, Birdbane, the game is an indispensable activity. The latter allows them to relieve tensions, to suppress frustrations, and even to stimulate their hunter instinct.

Choose a relaxing and friendly place

As there are dog toys, there are also specific versions for cats with, for example, mice. However, the paper pellet will fit perfectly. It will even be possible to attach it to a string and then connect it to the tree for a good game of hunting. With regard to positioning, it will be wise to choose a place where the passage is not frequent. The cat needs a refuge to rest, recharge, relax … In addition, the trees are often equipped with very comfortable huts that invite a nap. With a good cat tree, you may not have to struggle with how to stop a cat from spraying.